Who I am

Who I am

About me, That’s what you’d like to know?

I thought about writing this from a third person POV, but that seemed lame.

So here I am.

My name is Jill Waldrep.

I am an artist, and it took me entirely too long to admit that.

I started by dabbling in acrylic, mainly quotes with the occasional flower or cactus around mid 2016. In late 2017 I picked up watercolor and discovered the female form as my primary muse.

I have Ankylosysis Spondylitis,

Small Fiber Neuropathy, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome,

Degenerating Bone, Disc, and Nerves, Debilitating anxiety and

depression, I’ve been on the waiting list for Baylor to be tested for the rare genetic mutation Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, plus a partridge in a pear tree.

"I'm a bitch, I'm a lover.." I'm a wife. A mother. A daughter.

A sister. An Aunt. A friend. An ally. An artist. A singer.

A writer. A dancer. A healer. A stoner. A dreamer.

A witch. A comedian. A warrior.

And A fighter.

I've been on this journey since I was around age 10.

Starting with heart issues and mental health.

Pain came at age 16

My first spinal surgery was at 28.

My second at 30.

That was the year I went on disability.

I have found healing in art and have naturally sought to heal others.